Last night the work on our new Untitled album began in earnest. We are planning on recording 12 - 15 of our original songs for the new album which will also include the 3 previously recorded songs from our demo. No firm release date yet but sho
RickDaniels 10.11.2016 0

We are PLEASED to ANNOUNCE New Members HK on Lead Vocals and Ron Smith on Percussion. Both are immensely talented musicians that are going to add a whole new dynamic for the band. Ron is one of the best percusionists I have ever worked with. And I say perc
RickDaniels 17.12.2015 2

We had a great time in Bybee, KY jamming for just about 3 hours. The people and the food was great. The even made their own barbeque sauce and had plenty of food. Other than a few technical problems the show went great. About 75 people came and jammed with
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We posted the 3 Studio tracks that were recorded at Long Island Recording Studio on April 17, 2013. We were a little rushed preparing for our live shows this summer and did not spend the amount of time on tracks that we would have liked. They are definitel
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Tracks have been delayed. We went to the studio late this afternoon and the tracks were not ready. Of course we were disappointed, but there is nothing we can do about it. It's taking the studio longer than they anticipated to incorporate the changes we re
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Our Studio session on March 30 went great. The preliminary tracks sound awesome before mixing and we can't wait to hear the final tracks. A shout out to our recording engineer/producer Steve Nall (Graveyard Romeo's) at Long Island Recording Studios for bei
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Calling On Karma has scheduled studio time at Long Island Recording Studio ( in Lexington, KY to record a Mini-EP for our fans. LIRS is Lexington's premier state-of-the-art recording studio with over 4 million dollars worth of recording equipment
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