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Thank you Clear Channel -8th Annual Battle of the Bands for providing Kentucky bands with what is  getting harder and harder to find these days, a fair and real competition. A very special thanks is in order for Wynona Padgett for all the hard work in plan
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Let the Voting begin! We need your help in the Clear Channel - Battle of the Bands 2014 Competition. The online Voting has begun for Best Online Band. All you have to do is click the following Facebook Link and Like the Pic on the page. That's it !! https:
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Just got back from a great band meeting at Clear Channel in Somerset KY for their upcoming 8th Annual Battle of the Bands on January 3, 4, and 5, 2014. I was amazed at the great lengths that Clear Channel is striving for to make this a fair competition. I
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After a great Battle of the Bands in Buster's Open Mic Championship 2013, Calling On Karma advances to the Semi-Finals to be held in November 2013. With our newest member Trey Marifjeren we took the stage with a rendition of Scotty Doesn't Know, then threw
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