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        Last night the work on our new Untitled album began in earnest. We are planning on recording 12 - 15 of our original songs for the new album which will also include the 3 previously recorded songs from our demo. No firm release date yet but sho
RickDaniels 10.11.2016 0

I just got new mix back from studio of Driving, Upside Down and Moving On with our new vocalist HK doing all the vocal parts. You can now hear them above in the Reverb Nation music box player (1st 3 songs). Let us know what you think. HK is doing main voca
RickDaniels 31.01.2016 0

This past weekend was just plain awesome! We got to play with Sacred Souls Friday night and Saturday afternoon (4/25 &26th) and put on a great show with their considerable help both days! Squires Tavern was hoping Friday night and even though the light
RickDaniels 27.04.2014 0

We had a great time Saturday night (April 12th) at the Blazing Saddles Charity Open. A special thanks to Mongo and his wife for inviting us. And Happy Birthday to Mongo! Maybe next year she will sing with us. The show was great. We even got coaxed into doi
RickDaniels 14.04.2014 0

Squires Tavern was hopping last Saturday night (2/28/2014) to the sounds of Calling On Karma and Sacred Souls. We had a blast both performing and watching Sacred Souls perform.  This was a short notice gig as we only had a week to prepare for the show. And
RickDaniels 03.03.2014 0

Tracks have been delayed. We went to the studio late this afternoon and the tracks were not ready. Of course we were disappointed, but there is nothing we can do about it. It's taking the studio longer than they anticipated to incorporate the changes we re
RickDaniels 11.04.2013 0

Our Studio session on March 30 went great. The preliminary tracks sound awesome before mixing and we can't wait to hear the final tracks. A shout out to our recording engineer/producer Steve Nall (Graveyard Romeo's) at Long Island Recording Studios for bei
RickDaniels 31.03.2013 0

Calling On Karma has scheduled studio time at Long Island Recording Studio (lirco.com) in Lexington, KY to record a Mini-EP for our fans. LIRS is Lexington's premier state-of-the-art recording studio with over 4 million dollars worth of recording equipment
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