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Last night the new lineup of Calling on Karma started laying down the tracks for our New Untitled Album due out in January/February 2017. We have 3 tracks finished and most of a 4th track. We have a new studio and a new recording engineer who is the easiest, most knowledgeable and bad ass recording engineer we have ever worked with. The enthusiasm and energy for this album is intense.
I just got new mix back from studio of Driving, Upside Down and Moving On with our new vocalist HK doing all the vocal parts. You can now hear them above in the Reverb Nation music box player (1st 3 songs). Let us know what you think. HK is doing main vocals and all backup vocals as well.
We are PLEASED to ANNOUNCE New Members HK on Lead Vocals and Ron Smith on Percussion. Both are immensely talented musicians that are going to add a whole new dynamic for the band. Ron is one of the best percusionists I have ever worked with. And I say percussionists on purpose because in the league of Neil Peart Ron takes drumming to a new level for us. Ron has 25 years of experience playing in a number of bands and has fit right in to our unusual style of not being neatly placed in a certain category or style of playing.
April 2014 we have 3 shows scheduled. Clarion Inn (Lexington, KY) April 12, Squires Tavern (Lexington, KY) April 25 and Madison Airport (Richmond, KY) April 26. Sacred Souls will be playing with us at the Airport Show and at Squires Tavern.
We are opening for Sacred Souls on February 28th, 2014 in Lexington, KY at Squires Tavern - 3429 Buckhorn Drive. The Show Starts at 9:30. We can't wait to get out and PLAY!!
The 3 New Studio Tracks we have been promising are now up! Check them out and let us know what you think. We would like to thank Steve at Long Island Recording Studios who worked tirelessly and more or less produced these tracks.
After a great Battle of the Bands in Buster's Open Mic Championship 2013, Calling On Karma advances to the Semi-Finals to be held in November 2013. We had exceptional competition, especially The Fracture, and look forward to the next round.
Playing Buster's this Saturday February 9th starting at 9pm in Lexington, KY. It is Buster's Open Mic Championship 2013 so come out and support the band. Audience participation will decide the winner. Make your vote count!
Calling On Karma is preparing to hit the Recording Studio at the end of this Month (January 2013) to record their 1st album. A 4-5 song Mini EP is in the works and will be available on the web site by the middle of February.
The Original Alternative local band Calling On Karma is scheduled to play Momma's Last Chance Saloon on December 21, 2012 located at 2213 Lexington Rd, Nicholasville Ky. The band is dubbing it an End of the World Party!
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