Calling On Karma is preparing to hit the Recording Studio at the end of this Month (January 2013) to record their 1st album. A 4-5 song Mini EP is in the works and will be available on the web site by the middle of February.

We are still in the planning stages and currently Upside Down and It's My Turn are two of the songs we plan to record.  Since Calling On Karma is only technically 2 months old a high priority for us is to get a sample of our original songs on the web and available for our fans.

The process of selecting a high quality local studio to record these tracks is underway. We want a good working atmosphere but quality is our main goal. The plan is to offer this mini EP on i-Tunes and our web site as quickly as we can without compromising quality.

Check back soon for a sample of what our sound is.

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